In addition to offering best-in-class products, Sorenson Seed serves customers with a unique seed dealership experience. Our comprehensive services include everything from seed treatment to the latest in integrated farming systems. We use a proven, consultative approach to improving results for our customers. Contact us today, we are eager to help your business grow. 

Sorenson Services

  • Seed Treatment/Inoculation
  • Crop Scouting
  • Field Mapping
  • FieldScripts
  • Integrated Farming Systems
  • Test Plots
  • Expedited Seed Delivery

Ag Resources 

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Let Sorenson help with an integrated solution for your farm.

Sorenson helps businesses grow with leading services like and FieldScripts – a valuable new approach designed to boost on-farm productivity while also supporting more sustainable agriculture systems for our growing world.


How does FieldScripts work?

Sorenson starts to process by working with customers to identify inputs like field boundaries, yield data, and fertility test results. We then work with our customers to select fields to enroll in FieldScripts. Using extensive seed-by-environment data from Monsanto, Sorenson will then deliver a variable rate seeding prescription by yield management zone and a recommendation for the best hybrid for each field. The prescription will be provided through Precision Planting’s FieldView™ app for the iPad® handheld device to the farmer’s tractor. The prescription will then be executed using Precision Planting’s 20/20 SeedSense® monitor and planter control system. Contact us to learn more.

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