Who we are

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Sorenson Seed is a second generation, independent Channel Seedsman that provides only the best quality corn and soybean products. Through a depth of agronomic knowledge and a commitment to remain on the cutting edge of technology, Sorenson Seed helps growers with on-farm success season after season.

Our customers are dedicated to their operation. They value honesty and integrity in their day-to-day decision making processes, as well as a progressive, technology-driven approach to helping their business grow.

We are a seedsman with a single focus – We help your business grow.

Sorenson history

  • The Early Years
    John Sorenson got into the seed business in the early 80’s, he began as a PAG Seed dealer, which was eventually bought by Cargill, becoming Cargill Hybrid Seeds. At this time he also was a Stine Soybean dealer.
  • The 1990′s
    In the mid 90’s John took on a Dekalb dealership, Dekalb had the genetics PLUS BT traits that Cargill Hybrid Seeds did not offer. Within a couple of years he dropped his Cargill and Stine dealerships to focus his efforts on Dekalb.
  • Growing Family Involvement
    Monsanto purchases Dekalb in the late 90’s, about this time Gary gets more involved in the seed business and also takes on a part-time job with Monsanto supporting other dealers with invoicing/inventory tracking software.
  • Community Focus
    From 2001 through 2010 Gary also serves as a Cottonwood County Commissioner. Late in his last term we decide to rent out our land out and focus wholly on the seed business.
  • Expanding and Growing
    John retires and Gary takes over the seed business in 2010. Gary builds a new facility in 2011, adds a seed treatment and bulk soybeans. A lot of exciting new changes are currently taking place!

The Sorenson Difference

Customers turn to Sorenson Seed for a solid consultative approach to improving their operation. And, we back up our recommendations with quality products.

This is the Sorenson difference:

We’re your partner
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Dedicated
  • Efficient
We’re technology experts
  • Relevant knowledge
  • Experts in precision ag
  • Provide integrated solutions
  • Committed to leading the way
We’ll help your business grow
  • Always pushing for higher yields
  • Offer premium products
  • Progressive solutions
  • Relationship driven