Meeting notice

Unfortunately recent heavy rains have once again resulted in some ponding and flooded fields. I’ve received a lot of phone calls about what our replant policy is and what I have for replant seed.


I’d like to have a short agronomy meeting, we can discuss what I have for early beans and Monsanto’s replant policy.


I’d also like to do a walk thru of the Climate program. I’ve found it to be very interesting and helpful to be able to log into my Climate account and check the rainfall amounts and how much they have varied by location. We’ve also been using Climate Pro’s nitrogen adviser on a couple of farms, it’s a very powerful tool IF you take the time to input all the necessary field data. Now that I’ve been using the program I’d really like to get it more in front of you so you as the grower can see the benefits of it and the value it provides!


It’s impossible to find a time that works for everyone, and I know that summers are very busy, so if you can’t make the meeting and would like to talk to us about replants or the Climate app please feel free to call or stop in!


I’ve scheduled the meeting for Tuesday June 24th from 8 until 10am. We’ll have coffee and rolls, it’ll be a quick meeting, I don’t want to take to much of your time!





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