Welcome to the Sorenson Seed website!

Hello and welcome to the new Sorenson Seed website!

Hopefully you’ll find the new Sorenson Seed website informational and easy to navigate. In the future please check back for timely information about agronomy issues and exciting news that will affect your farming operation.

One of the exciting things on the horizon is Monsanto’s IFS program. Last year Monsanto purchased Precession Planting, with this hardware we plan on bringing you FieldScripts, a variable rate prescription tailored to your farm. Look for more information to come on this later; we are doing an expanded pilot of this technology in Minnesota this season headed up by Juan Mayta. If you have any questions about it please give me a call and we can talk in more detail.

The hottest topic right now is the possible delayed planting because of our cold/wet spring. The good news is we’ve finally been able to pick up some much needed moisture, bad news a lot of it has come in the form of ice or snow! Right now it’s too early to panic and we don’t need to be changing any plans on hybrid maturities. Our area agronomist Greg Haubrich just put out a nice agKnowledge Alert (VIEW PDF) on this subject. Basically, it says it’s too early to change hybrids yet, and gives some guidelines as to when we should start making changes. Now, this is a general guide, some may be more comfortable going with earlier maturities sooner depending on how well your set up to handle higher moisture corn in the fall.

The last topic I want to touch on is treating and inoculants. Acceleron has been reformulated, they added an additional fungicide to it. The new fungicide will add enhanced disease protection to early seedling growth, when the plants are most vulnerable to disease. This year is also a good year to inoculate your soybeans. Drought and hard frosts will kill the rhizobia in the soil, and we have basically had two years in a row of drought and with the open winter we had pretty hard frost. Inoculants are cheap and easy to apply to the seed as I treat it.

If you have any questions on any of these subjects please feel free to stop in or give me a call. Have a safe spring planting season!

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